A 6-Pac of questions for Week 5

Steve Sarkisian and the Trojans face an important test when unbeaten Oregon State visits Saturday. Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

Which game are you most interested in watching this week?

Chantel Jennings/@ChantelJennings: I think UCLA-ASU will give us the best look at a very cloudy South Division right now, but personally I’m most interested to see the matchup in the North with Stanford visiting Washington. Stanford is a one-loss team that doesn’t really look like a one-loss team, and Washington is an undefeated team that certainly doesn’t look like an undefeated team. So, I’m interested to see how this all shakes out, and if either team can show up for four quarters and close out a game.

Ted Miller/@TedMillerRK: I think the entire weekend rates as interesting, from the big South Division battle in Tempe, to Stanford and Washington looking to establish themselves in the North, to Utah trying to grab some Pac-12 footing against Washington State, to Colorado and California trying to move out of the Pac-12 basement. Yet Oregon State’s visit to USC also feels like a line-in-the-sand game. The Trojans should be plenty motivated after they embarrassed themselves at Boston College two weeks ago, and the unbeaten Beavers are looking for a name win to push them into the top 25.

Which Pac-12 team has the most to prove Week 5?

Chantel Jennings/@ChantelJennings: USC. I’m not so quick to completely disregard that Boston College loss as a blip on the radar. I don’t know how you give up 452 rushing yards when the front seven was supposed to be a strength. I don’t know how a BC front seven holds USC to 20 yards. These aren't "oh, these things happen" statistics. These are "OK, there might be some major flaws here, maybe we should hit the panic button" statistics. Oregon State arrives in Los Angeles with a decent run game, a talented quarterback and a defense that has showed promise. The Trojans need to rebound and make a serious statement in this game.

Ted Miller/@TedMillerRK: UCLA was widely viewed as a national title contender in the preseason. The Bruins haven’t looked that way through three games. Though the schedule hasn’t been easy, it hasn’t been arduous, and it will only get harder. An optimist could say the Bruins are battle-tested by two road games, and their 3-0 start has required fourth-quarter fortitude. A pessimist (troll?) would call the Bruins overrated. We probably get a good idea of the reality in Tempe tonight.

Which Pac-12 player isn't getting enough recognition at this point in the season?

Chantel Jennings/@ChantelJennings: Jared Goff. And that is probably because of a number of factors. One, there are a lot of talented quarterbacks in the Pac-12 and some guys are just going to be left out of the conversation. Two, he’s playing for Cal, which, because of where the Bears are in the conference pecking order, is not going to get him a ton of recognition. However, Goff has the third-highest adjusted QBR among starting Pac-12 quarterbacks. His completion percentage this season (65 percent) is higher than last season (60 percent), and through three games he has already thrown 10 TD passes (he threw 18 total last season). In a conference full of talented signal-callers, he might be the one that made the biggest jump between 2013 and 2014.

Ted Miller/@TedMillerRK: Arizona State running back D.J. Foster could establish himself as a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate tonight against UCLA. He leads the Pac-12 and ranks fifth in the nation in rushing with 170 yards per game, is second in the nation with 216 all-purpose yards per game, and is sixth in the nation in scoring at 12.0 points per game. If he matches those early season numbers against the Bruins, it’s difficult to believe the Sun Devils won’t win.

Will Cal suffer a letdown against Colorado after last week's emotional loss?

Chantel Jennings/@ChantelJennings: Oh, speaking of Cal ... I don’t think so. I think that kind of a loss is going to act more as fuel than anything else. Talk about dominating a game and then just laying an egg late. I think the Bears come out with a fire lit under their butts.

Ted Miller/@TedMillerRK: It certainly would help if a good crowd shows up and gets behind the Bears. Cheers heal wounds in football. Cal will be tested by Colorado, which is just as hungry as the Bears to move up in the conference pecking order. But I think we will see a focused performance. A heartbreaking as that loss was, Cal’s ultimate takeaway is it is good enough to compete with anyone this season.

If you were to do the Amazing Race, which Pac-12 coach would you pick as your partner and why?

Chantel Jennings/@ChantelJennings: Mike Riley. 1. He keeps a level head, so he wouldn't get mad at me if I made some kind of a mistake, and nothing makes traveling worse than having a hothead of a travel partner. 2. He's competitive, even if he's not a throw-your-hat-and-scream-at-everything kind of competitive. And if I'm doing the Amazing Race, I'm in it to win. 3. With how nice he is, I think he probably has about 6,000 favors to call in, so at the end of the day, we could probably win the whole thing.

Ted Miller/@TedMillerRK: David Shaw. He went to Stanford, so he’s going to know things, like a MacGyver -- "Hey, Ted, if we rub this rock against this tree, a medium rare ribeye steak will appear. I learned that at Stanford! And don’t forget to tell the robot I built out of twigs and leaves what you want for breakfast before midnight tonight."

There are seven unbeaten Pac-12 teams. How many will there be after Week 5?

Chantel Jennings/@ChantelJennings: Three.

Ted Miller/@TedMillerRK: Four.