Wazzu goes under center ... seriously

The following is a brief list of things the Pac-12 Blog thought it would see before it saw a Mike Leach quarterback really practicing under center:

  1. Selenelion/horizontal eclipse.

  2. A Hugh Grant movie in which he doesn't play the bashful, British love interest.

  3. Netball becoming America's favorite pastime.

  4. The Loch Ness Monster calling it quits and just coming out to sunbathe on a Scottish beach.

But, the Pac-12 Blog was 0-for-4 in that categories as reports coming out of Pullman are that it has, in fact, happened.

The Spokesman-Review's Jacob Thorpe reported that the Cougars could be under center as much as a quarter of each game this season.

From the Spokesman-Review: "I think these quarterbacks are more inclined in that direction," Leach said. "Just one of the idiosyncrasies with Connor [Halliday], he's more of a [shot]gun guy, and we'll always be a gun team, anyway, so that'll always be a bigger part of it. It won't be just sneaks and dives, either. Leach spoke about how he intends the new formations to be used for vertical passing plays, sweeps by the running backs and receivers and play-action passes. It lends itself to a couple plays, you can get the ball off quicker on some things," Leach said. "It's something that we've kind of wanted to do for quite some time."

Thorpe points ou the one time last season the Cougars were under center ... they scored. So, the Cougs are batting 1.000 when it comes to not being in the gun, which makes about as much sense as Leach at BYU (oh, wait, that happened, too).

So, we'll see how this experiment works, but until then we'll join in on a collective "huh?" with everyone else.

And as a bonus, for anyone who worried that there might not be a good quote on the Washington State team this year, we'll just leave you with this quote that Thorpe got from QB Luke Falk on his center, Riley Sorenson.

"Now, Riley, we're going to have to get him to change his pants at halftime or something," Falk divulged. "That guy sweats like none other."