Pac-12 exploring new way to conduct media sales

For those of you interested in the business goings on in Pac-12 land, I'd like to turn your attention to this well-reported look at how the media rights sales process could possibly change from Jon Wilner of the Bay Area News Group. As Wilner points out, it's in no way a sexy story, but it's interesting if you're into this sort of thing.

As things sit, the universities farm out the sales responsibilities for things such as sponsorship packages, signage, radio broadcast rights, websites, etc., to companies like IMG and Learfield. Those third-party companies guarantee a certain amount of money -- Wilner used $5 million as an example -- will be returned to the school, with anything more than that being pocketed by themselves. The current structure provides relatively low risk for the schools because it essentially presents a fixed amount that can be relied on for budgeting purposes.

However, it also potentially leaves money on the table for schools (the portion that goes to the third-party company) and the conference is exploring if it makes sense to bring that selling process in-house to maximize what it brings in. We're probably years away from this becoming a reality -- if it happens at all -- but, if executed correctly, it's an avenue that could increase revenue.

There's a whole lot more to it, of course, but for that go check out the detailed story.