Three Pac-12 schools make list of 15 best game-day experiences

NFL.com recently ranked the 15 best game-day experiences in the country. Now, it wasn't just the stadium that writer Mike Huguenin took into account. "Having a nice stadium helps, but it's more than that -- the tailgating, the passion (and loudness) of the fans, even the school's football history plays into it," he wrote.

Disclaimer: I don't completely agree with this list. Michigan didn't even make the top 16 (there was a tie for No. 15), which seems a bit ridiculous. It has the biggest stadium in the country, great tailgating, a phenomenal marching band and a rich history. The biggest knock off the field (because we all know there has been plenty to knock on Michigan about on the field) is that the stadium is surprisingly quiet at times, but I don't think that alone rules them out of the top 15.

But, onto the list which features three Pac-12 teams.

T-No. 15: Washington: UW's main thing it had going for it? You guessed it. Everyone calls it "The best view in college football" for a reason. "Husky Stadium takes a backseat to no football edifice when it comes to most scenic location," Huguenin wrote. But that same edifice, which features an open end zone, allows for a bit of a breeze (we'll call it) at times and Arizona State might remember that. Seattle Times writer Adam Jude referred to that weather as "nearly impossible weather conditions" in his gamer on the Oct. 27 matchup. But hey, when the upside of that stadium is a view onto the Olympic mountain range, we'll take bad days like that every now and then.

No. 14: Oregon: The biggest thing Autzen Stadium had going for it? The noise. And yes, it gets very, very loud. The next best thing? Obviously, the duck. "Forgive us, but we like it when the team takes the field trailing a motorcycle that has the duck mascot riding on the back." Don't we all, Huguenin? Don't we all? And I think I speak for many when I say, I also appreciate a sprinting duck. And a bicycling duck.

No. 11: USC: Huguenin says that everything about the Coliseum "adds up to a memorable experience." Yeah, we'll second that.

And, if you were wondering, then yes, the Coliseum does have its own Twitter handle. How many other venues can boast that?