Playing 'Lord of the Rings' with Wazzu's Joe Dahl

BURBANK, Calif. -- One of the best parts of having the Pac-12 media days at Warner Bros. Studios are the chance encounters and experiences of running into celebrities, seeing a TV studio or making your way onto a few sets.

The latter was the highlight of Washington State offensive lineman Joe Dahl's trip to Burbank this week.

After he was finished with interviews on Friday he made his way to the "Friends" set where he sat in Central Perk, the show's coffee shop, and pretended to enjoy a cup of coffee brewed up by Gunther.

Dahl said that he's probably a mix of Joey (he's doing fine, thanks for asking) and Ross, though he doesn't have quite as many annoying quirks as Ross (sources have yet to confirm whether he yells at the rest of the Wazzu offensive line to "PI-VOT" during practices or not). He also noted that he has a bit of Phoebe in him, as does everyone.

After sitting in for a cup of coffee Dahl made his way to a small table from the "Lord of the Rings" set which uses angles to affect how the image is seen through a camera.

Dahl and I enjoyed a bit of mead while switching places in order to take advantage of the angle making one of us appear giant and the other seemingly normal-sized. One of these photos makes us feel as though the Washington State offensive line is very undersized this season and the other doesn't seem that far from the truth. You decide which is which.