Rich Rodriguez wins the Pac-12 media days notable quotable award

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez had the most interesting things to say at Pac-12 media days. AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

It was a hectic two days in Burbank, California at Pac-12 media days, as all 12 head coaches and two players representing each team spoke with the assembled media. The Pac-12 blog combed through the quotes list and pulled out the most entertaining quotes from the league's head coaches.

Utah's Kyle Whittingham, on USC missing out on top-end talent: “Well, instead of 85 five-star guys, they've got 65. That's still a pretty good situation. So, I'm not crying the blues for those guys.”

Arizona's Rich Rodriguez, on being picked fourth in the South Division: “There was some poll, I don't know, some expert poll that gave us a two-percent chance, is that what it was? Hey, it's like that ‘Dumb and Dumber.’ What are the chances of me, a guy like me getting with a girl like you? Like one in a hundred? One in a million? More like one in a million. So you're telling me there is a chance. So two percent is better than one in a million, right?”

Rodriguez, on if it’s refreshing to have his starting QB return: “Refreshing? I think a nice cold beer or a Bacardi and Coke, or maybe even a nice iced tea sweetened is refreshing. What was the question again?”

Rodriguez, on the final two losses of the 2014 season: “Did you see the movie "Lion King?" There is a point in the movie where the monkey hits the lion over the head. He said, what did do you that for? And the monkey says it, doesn't matter. It's in the past.”

Rodriguez, on playing 12 games in a row with no bye week: “We didn't choose 12 in a row. But as I said, I'm not going to complain about it after today unless we're not winning, and then I'm going to complain about it quite a bit. “

Oregon's Mark Helfrich, on which of his quarterbacks remind him of himself: “I would never make someone feel that poorly about themselves. … I was very similar to Marcus [Mariota] on the field though.”

Washington State's Mike Leach, on dating advice: “I think make sure you go somewhere where you can talk. If you go to Washington State, we've got five of America's greatest rivers around there. That would be a great place. We've got dunes, mountains. You can hunt rattlesnakes, if you want to. You can fish for sturgeon. I tell you what, if you took her sturgeon fishing, I don't believe she'd ever forget it.”

Leach, on the Warner Bros. tour, and which Hogwarts house he was chosen for: “Then you can go upstairs to the Harry Potter exhibit, and they'll stick a wizard hat on you and tell you what tribe you're in or whatever, or the fraternity or whatever. I can't remember. Mine was Huffle-something.”

Arizona State's Todd Graham, on his boots: “They've got the little Sparky in the back, little square toe too. If you're not from Texas, you don't know what that means.”

UCLA's Jim Mora, on his fourth-string QB: “Our fourth quarterback? No, we're going to go Wildcat all year.”