Have you seen Jimi Hendrix's college football drawings?

On the surface, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is a mecca for those craving an Elvis, Beatles or Rolling Stones fix. The Cleveland shrine isn't immediately associated with college football.

If one digs a little deeper, though, he'll also find some timeless tributes to Pac-12 football there -- courtesy Jimi Hendrix himself.

Sportswriter Joe Posnanski stumbled across the famous drawings of a 15-year-old Hendrix at the Rock Hall on Wednesday, and it reminded us of a trip our own Paul Lukas made there three years ago for a Page 2 assignment.

Hendrix, who grew up in Seattle, showed promising illustration skills as a youngster in images that depict Oregon, UCLA, USC and California football players. Though he might have spelled "Trojans" as "Trogens," Hendrix did note that the team uniforms depicted in each drawing featured "exact colors" -- a critical standard for uniform geeks, of course.

Hendrix attached February 1958 dates to all four illustrations, so if we get technical with conference monikers here, this was all created before the age of even the Pac-8. The league was named the Pacific Coast Conference then and wouldn't be known as the Pac-8 until several years later. Expansion to the Pac-10 and eventually the Pac-12 was still far in the future.

Still, all four programs that Hendrix artistically represented nearly 60 years ago continue to compete in the same conference today, and the future rock star's representation of their uniforms remains remarkably accurate -- especially in the case of the two Los Angeles schools. Of course, Hendrix used Oregon's classic green-and-yellow color scheme in his work -- we can only imagine how extensive this art collection would have been had the Ducks unveiled their myriad of uniform combinations a half-century earlier.