Chris Petersen has QB dilemma on his hands

No one envies Chris Petersen's current position, juggling the now with the future as he surveys his quarterback situation.

"You can already see the dilemma that might be facing Washington coach Chris Petersen -- and soon," wrote The Seattle Times' Larry Stone. "What the heck does he do if his best quarterback in camp turns out to be, unequivocally, the one who would benefit tremendously by a redshirt year? And, arguably, help the program far more in the long-term by doing so."

All reports coming out of Washington's first practice were that true freshman Jake Browning looked very good. And as Stone points out, it's too early to anoint any of the candidates as the starter. But, he was with the starters for the first 11-on-11 drill on Monday and he impressed several media members.

Media members in attendance had the chance to speak with all three quarterbacks

Browning appeared very poised in front of the cameras, cracking a few small jokes to the swarm of reporters. Husky fans will like how humble he is and how he has a very "rep-by-rep" football junkie attitude. "I think you've just got to put a lot of it in perspective," he told the reporters. "It's Day 3. ... I try not to think about it -- here's the big picture, here's all these expectations. It's just rep to rep."

KJ Carta Samuels echoed Browning's thoughts (though it sounds like he had a rougher day on Day 3 so he's hoping to have a stronger practice on Day 4). "It's really a long process -- that's the biggest thing about this," Samuels told reporters. "There's going to be ups and downs with everything, so I think just learning from those mistakes is really going to benefit me in the end."

Jeff Lindquist was asked about the competition between the three players. His diplomatic response: "Everybody comes to college to be the starting quarterback, nobody wants to come here to be the backup. Obviously, we all want to be the guy playing, but what's more important to us is how the Huskies do. ... The ultimate goal for us is to help the Huskies win football games."