Mike Leach describes his first job

Leach: "I wonder how fast this thing will go" (2:00)

Washington State head coach Mike Leach tells the story of how as a 13-year-old, he and his friends were given the keys to a hotel owner's truck. (2:00)

College coaches, they're just like us! Before the million-dollar contracts, the most famous names in the game were low-paid assistants, often working side jobs to make ends meet. We collected some of the best origin stories from the likes of Kansas State's Bill Snyder, Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin and Alabama's Nick Saban.

In the video above, Washington State coach Mike Leach describes his first job as a 13-year old. It involves driving a truck. Below, in his own words, he describes his first job in football:

"I was at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo and I was the assistant offensive line coach and couldn't have been more excited. I just got out of law school and working on a Master's. Had a wife and my first daughter. We lived in an off-campus dorm across the railroad tracks from the stadium and I worked 16 hours a day and had a good time doing it. The most important thing was just learning your skills and all that stuff.

"$3,000 for the year. I was getting my master's and trying to get a job in coaching because I wanted to coach. I figured two years and I'd go back and practice law. I called up my wife and said, 'I got a job.' She says, 'Oh, really? Thant's excellent. How much are you getting paid?' I said, '$3,000,' and she says, '$3,000 a month? That's..." and I had to say, 'No, a year.' Then I substitute-taught in the offseason."