Mariota's Heisman House commercials released

We all saw some of Marcus Mariota's acting chops when he was on the Late Show with David Letterman. For his first such appearance, and considering some of the lines were less than awesome, we were pretty impressed ... though we're still curious about the No. 1 from that list: "Heisman? Now, that's mayonnaise."

But with Mariota's transition to the NFL, it looks as though it wasn't just his football career that hit a new level. His acting has improved too, as shown by his recent Nissan Heisman House commercials released earlier this week.

In the first commercial -- which features a stitching Johnny Manziel -- Mariota's monologue starts with "I still don't get it. ... We all live here? Seriously?"

The video's caption reads: "Newcomer Marcus Mariota threatens to unravel the entire Heisman House universe with his pesky questions." Those pesky questions include asking about other Heisman winners' homes and a real No. 1: "Who put this ham here? I didn't put it here."

A second commercial shows Mariota dismissing the University of Chicago's football program and the first-ever Heisman winner, Jay Berwanger.

A third commercial pits Mariota -- in ever-changing Oregon uniforms -- against a maize sweat-banded Charles Woodson in a game of table tennis.

There's also a shorter version of a similar commercial in which Mariota is playing against Ohio State's Eddie George.

All in all, it seems pretty fair to say that Mariota isn't exactly on track to winning an Academy Award any time soon. Luckily, that's one of the few things the Titans aren't asking him to do.