Week 3 Pac-12 depth charts: Uncertainty at Utah

Here's a look at the depth charts for Week 3 in the Pac-12. As always, your opinions may not reflect those of the coaches.

Notes or changes reflect starting positions only:

At Arizona: The triage tent, aka middle linebacker, continues to revolve this week with redshirt freshman Tre Tyler listed as the starter. If you know nothing about Tyler (and chances are you don't), Daniel Berk had a nice write-up about him here. Also, for the first time this season, Samajie Grant is listed as a possible kick returner.

At Colorado: The Buffs got some bad news that left tackle Jeromy Irwin would miss the year with a torn ACL. Sam Kronshage steps in as the starter with Isaac Miller listed as the backup.

At Oregon State: Not major, but running backs Chris Brown and Storm Barrs-Woods have swapped spots, with Brown listed first. There's still an "or" but Barrs-Woods was first last week. Brown, however, started against Michigan and Barrs-Woods didn't play until the second half.

At USC: Same deal as above. Cameron Smith is listed ahead of Lamar Dawson at middle linebacker, but there's still an "or" between them. Dawson (ribs) missed the first two games of the season. Same with Chris Hawkins and Leon McQuay III at free safety, with Hawkins listed first this week. Read whatever tea leaves you'd like. At left tackle, Chad Wheeler no longer has the "or" with Toa Lobendahn.

At Utah: Three "ors" this week. First at quarterback between Travis Wilson and Kendal Thompson. And that's fine. Frankly, Utah's depth chart looked weird without an "or" between the quarterbacks. Was freaking me out. Also an "or" between Hunter Dimick (who was injured last week) and Kylie Fitts at left defensive end and at right cornerback where the reinstated Dominique Hatfield is challenging Cory Butler-Byrd.

At Washington: Dwayne Washington sits alone atop the running back spot without an "or" with Lavon Coleman. In fact, Coleman is now listed third behind Myles Gaskin.

At Washington State: Marcellus Pippins is challenging Charleston White at cornerback. He's listed first with an "or" between them.