Sources: It's 'The Duck,' not 'Puddles'

There's no ducking the issue: Oregon's mascot is named "The Duck," not "Puddles." AP/Rick Bowmer

It was an innocent, even well-meaning question on Twitter from SB Nation site "Pacific Takes": What is your favorite picture of Puddles?

But it's not that simple, is it? For connecting the name "Puddles" and the Oregon Ducks mascot is rife with controversy. See, while it might be fun to call the Duck "Puddles," the Duck isn't actually named "Puddles."

The Duck's real name? The Duck. Yep.

According to two sources at Oregon who requested anonymity, so we're going to call them senior associate athletic director Craig Pintens and assistant athletic director Andy McNamara: "The Duck is The Duck. Puddles was the name of a live Duck the student body paraded around in the early 20th century."

Using some super-sophisticated journalistic techniques, we uncovered this from the Dark Web.

So go forth, Pac-12 fans, and know that He who is The Duck is not Puddles and He who is Puddles is not The Duck.