Mike Leach: Pullman 'on a scale with Woodstock' on Wazzu gamedays

Mike Leach talked up his new home, Pullman, Washington, on Tuesday. The Cougars host the Pac-12's marquee matchup against Stanford on Saturday. Jose Mandojana for ESPN

It's probably a good thing that Pullman, Washington -- home to Washington State -- is the most isolated Power 5 conference football outpost in the nation. Otherwise, everyone would try to live there.

Well, at least if you're buying what Cougars coach Mike Leach is selling.

"It’s an exciting place to be," said Leach at the end of his session on the Pac-12 coaches teleconference. "It’s an exciting place whether you’ve got a game going or not."

That can be true. Pullman is one of the nation's great college towns, and things can get pretty exciting at Rico's, The Coug, My Office and Valhalla.

Oh, but when there is a football game and therefore an epic pregame tailgate, Mr. Pullman Chamber of Commerce wants you to know that the atmosphere is not just great, it's historically important.

It's stardust; it's golden; it's billion year old carbon.

"It would probably be on a scale with Woodstock, I would say, as far as being a historic event where event where people gather," he explained. "It’s kind of a statement for our generation, I think."

We've got to get ourselves ... back to Pullman, which yields nothing to Yasgur's Farm.