Pac-12 Mailbag: Was Bralon Addison in? And USC vs. Miami

Happy Friday. Welcome to the mailbag.

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To the notes!

Amalgam from Sun Devil Central writes: Oregon receiver Bralon Addison was out of bounds on that touchdown catch that won the game for the Ducks. Pac-12 refs, Pac-12 refs, Pac-12 refs! It's a conspiracy. So ... what do you think, and by think, I'm demanding agree with me.

Ted Miller: This is me culling together a sentiment expressed in a handful of notes. Notice the witty name. I came up with that all by myself.

I've received numerous photos that conclusively prove Addison was both in and out of bounds. What that says is that it was an incredibly close call. It seems that more folks believe he was out than in, so then I am in the minority. I think the correct ruling was made. Not only that, I think you can make a case he got two feet inbounds.

How about this. Go to your local field and have someone in cleats step within a grass blade of the sideline then take photos from several angles. Oh, you say. It depends on the angle.

There was not enough evidence to reverse the on-field ruling, and it was a close enough call that it's futile to get upset about the on-field officials who made it. It was clear by the delay that both officials had doubts but agreed that they should call it a touchdown.

I might be wrong. But you guys all know how unlikely that is.

I kid. Mostly.

Chris from Los Angeles writes: With both the USC and Miami programs having fired their head coach midseason, I'd like to get your take on the coaching search. I don't recall the last time schools with the pedigree of a USC or Miami have had head-coaching vacancies at the same time. (Feel free to remind me ...) Are both schools looking at roughly the same pool of potential candidates, and if so, which is the "better" job? Which school is more likely to make the better hire? Which program returns to national prominence sooner?

Ted Miller: We've averaged 25 coaching changers per offseason since 2010, so we've petty much turned over all of FBS football. In 2010, USC and Notre Dame changed coaches, as did Florida State and Tennessee. Just about every year at least one or two jobs open for teams that have won national titles or been perennial contenders over the past 20 years.

Not sure about either already having a pool of candidates, and folks who are making lists are pretty much just making lists. From what I've seen -- Miami and USC -- there isn't much crossover in terms of candidates. Geography plays a role there.

USC is a better job. Better conference, bigger and better stadium, better long-term tradition. Also, USC almost certainly will pay more. Both have great recruiting bases but the Trojans are far more connected to Los Angeles than the Hurricanes are to Miami.

This, by the way, isn't to slight Miami, which should again be a national contender with the right coach. But USC is a top-5 job. My guess is the agree rate from the unbiased and informed would be at 90 percent.

Eric from Tacoma writes: Does the interim coach phenomenon only apply to USC? Do you think if Gary Andersen is re-titled "Interim Head Coach" that the Beavers will also improve? One conference win would be enough. Or are we Beavers fans left with the usual, "There's always next season?"

Ted Miller: My guess is, Oregon State fans should take solace in the fact that just about everyone believes Gary Andersen and his staff can coach, because this season is going to be a bust.

The Beavers' struggles certainly aren't unexpected. Just about everyone pegged them last in the North Division, and they've been slightly worse than expected because of injury issues.

It's also fair to expect significant improvement in Year 2 -- see Sonny Dykes going from 1-11 to 5-7 at Cal.