Mike Leach has a parting shot for Arizona State: 'We stole a bunch of their signals'

Mike Leach and Todd Graham were chummy Saturday after Washington State's win, during which Leach joked the Cougars stole Sun Devils signs. James Snook/USA TODAY Sports

Washington State coach Mike Leach took an opportunity for a friendly (we think) shot at Arizona State counterpart Todd Graham after the Cougars ousted the visiting Sun Devils 38-24 on Saturday. The two had traded jabs earlier in the week, when Leach said ASU should be investigated after being accused by coaches and players of stealing signals against Utah and Oregon.

Graham fired back, calling the discussion a waste of time and telling ESPN.com he didn’t like that it had been played out in the media and that if a coach has a problem to pick up the phone and call him.

Well, Leach and the Cougars had the last word. And no phone call was needed. Asked if there were any adjustments in the second half, during which the Cougars outscored the Sun Devils 28-10, Leach decided to bring the funny.

“The first half we stole a bunch of their signals, and those helped us a bunch the second half,” Leach said.

Even the music at Martin Stadium was apropos for the situation.

For the record, there is nothing illegal about observing another team’s signs, so long as there is no video or audio recording. Several Pac-12 coaches said it’s part of the game, and UCLA coach Jim Mora even praised Graham & Co. for seeking a tactical advantage. The Pac-12 Conference issued a statement earlier in the week saying nothing ASU has done is illegal and that there been no formal complaints.