Washington State's signature flag missing

It has been a dramatic year for flags associated with Washington State.

First, there was the debacle in late October when it was feared that Ol' Crimson might not make it to Arizona for its 167th consecutive College GameDay appearance.

Luckily, GameDay producer Lee Fitting vowed that he wouldn't sleep until he had it in his possession and a backup was shipped from ESPN's headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. (We also all learned that "UPS express critical" shipping exists -- everyone can say thanks for that, too, because we can agree it was a critical situation.)

But now, the signature flag -- which is signed by all who fly Ol' Crimson at GameDay -- has gone missing and Ol' Crimson is doing its best to find it before this weekend's GameDay game, the Big Ten title game in Indianapolis.

As of Wednesday morning it looks like there hasn't been any progress made. Fear not, Wazzu fans, Ol' Crimson and the grey flag will both be enjoying a chilly day this weekend in Indy, but whoever is flying it there might not have a chance to sign the signature flag.

If you or anyone you know has any information about the whereabouts or well-being of the signature flag, please get in touch with Ol' Crimson on Twitter. That's a lot for one flag to go through in a single season -- arguably the most tumultuous for the flag during the 177-game streak.