Pac-12 players in Super Bowl 50

If you're someone who watches college football and the NFL, props to you on your ability to double dip. But if you're a Pac-12 purist, you might be wondering for whom or what team you should be cheering for in two weeks.

Fear not; here's a breakdown of the rosters and which Pac-12 alumnus will be hitting the field.

Denver Broncos:

Carolina Panthers:

By school, that breaks down to 13 players on active rosters with Oregon and Oregon State leading the way with three apiece. The Utes boast two players while Arizona State, Cal, USC, Colorado and Washington all have one player on active rosters. Arizona, Stanford, UCLA and Washington State don't have anyone on the final active rosters.

So, for what team do you cheer?

ARIZONA: Cheer for the Panthers. The Broncos have two Sun Devils on their roster. Best to avoid that.

ASU: Cheer for the Broncos.

CAL: Denver.


OREGON/OREGON STATE: Panthers. Hard to find anything those two schools can agree on, but this certainly looks to be one. However, I wouldn't put it past some Duck fans to cheer for Denver/T.J. Ward just to keep the trophy out of the hands of those Beavers.

STANFORD: Flip a coin.

UCLA/USC: Panthers.

UTAH: Depends if you're an offensive or defensive fan. Offensive, go with Broncos. Defensive, go with Panthers.


WAZZU: Broncos. Shaq Thompson did enough to you all when he was a Husky, might as well continue cheering for his opposition.