Q&A: Cal WR Bryce Treggs

Cal's Bryce Treggs completed his career as one of the most productive receivers in school history, finishing with 195 catches for 2,506 yards and 15 touchdowns. Though his production dipped in his final two seasons after hauling in 77 catches as a sophomore -- partially because of Cal's remarkable depth -- Treggs feels like he has chance to help an NFL team. He answered questions from ESPN.com following Saturday's NFLPA Collegiate Bowl game, in which made one catch for 15 yards.

What was the week like for you?

Bryce Treggs: The week was amazing getting coached by Az Hakim and Andre Reed. It was great having instructions from those guys because they had a lot of success in the league. In the game we're all rotating in and stuff so you don't get as much work and can't really get in a rhythm. The practices are where you really get all your learning in. It was a great week and I'm happy to come out of it healthy. That was the big key.

What is the next step for you?

BT: Prior to coming here, I was at Exos in Arizona. I took this week to fly here and am going back to Arizona to continue working on the 40 and all the other things they test for and the scouts want to see.

Have you been invited to the combine?

BT: I have not been invited to the combine yet. So, hopefully I get that soon. If not, then I'll just wait for Pro Day.

The [former Cal WR] Chris Harper route: not getting invited to the combine and then make a 53-man roster?

BT: Exactly. That's good.

What stands out about your career at Cal?

BT: Finishing with a winning record. It was such a roller coaster ride. My first year 3-9, my second year 1-11 and my third year 5-7 after we were supposed to be really good. It was a struggle, but finishing my last season with a bowl win and a winning record was a big deal for me.

You were part of a really talented group of receivers at Cal, what was that group like?

BT: We're really close-knit. We still have a group text with Jared [Goff] and talk about our different training experiences. We talk about how we're all going to be successful at the next level.

What has it been like watching Jared develop into possibly the first quarterback drafted?

BT: The first time he came in my dorm room as an early-enrollee you never would have guessed that he would be the first overall pick. He was big and skinny and stuff like that. He's developed greatly and he's very mature for a junior coming out. Sometimes you get juniors that declare early and they're not ready mentally. He is. He's got a strong arm, strong mind and he's going to lead whatever team picks him to a winning record, I'm sure.

What do you have to offer an NFL team?

BT: I offer something unique. In the NFL you see a lot of bigger receivers, so for those teams that have a lot of big receivers, but don't really have a good route runner on the inside that can also go to the outside, I supply them with that and can take the top off with some speed.

Do you have a goal for the 40?

BT: 4.3. Gotta get some money. If you run 4.3, you're getting paid.

How realistic is that?

BT: Very realistic. You'll see. You guys will see.