Washington State's Mike Leach speaks out on satellite camp ban

Last Friday the NCAA voted down satellite camps. And does it surprise anyone who the most vocal Pac-12 coach was on the matter?

No. Absolutely not.

Because a man who walks through garbanzo bean fields and predicts the end of the world due to texting obviously has some thoughts on the ban of these camps.

"It sounds to me a whole bunch of people need to worry about what they’re doing instead of what Jim Harbaugh is doing," Leach told Jack Arute and Andy Staples on Sirius XM College Sports. "They need to coach their team and let Jim Harbaugh coach his. If Jim Harbaugh wants to do satellite camps, great. If he wants to do satellite camps wherever he wants to do them, great."

Many are referring to this as the Jim Harbaugh rule because of the nine-city camp tour Harbaugh and his staff went on last summer. (Don't remember that? It was the camp tour that involved a shirtless Harbaugh playing "Peru Ball.")

Leach explained that it's unfair for the Los Angeles kids who have the ability to play Pac-12 ball and don't get picked up by UCLA or USC to not have the same kind of exposure to the other Pac-12 schools because of this rule.

"You don’t think it’s pretty important to that kid to have exposure to Washington State, Washington, Utah, Oregon State, Oregon, Arizona and Arizona State. You don’t think that means something to him?" Leach said. "And you don’t think that supersedes some petty jealousies that exist because somebody thinks Jim Harbaugh has bad manners? That’s the craziest thing ever. And if Jim Harbaugh is in their head, they better analyze themselves. That says more about them than it does Jim Harbaugh."

Leach ended the interview by saying the only two reasons to vote down the satellite camps is because of selfishness in one's recruiting base or laziness.

And given the fact that Pullman, Washington, isn't exactly a hotbed for college football recruits and Leach isn't a lazy man, one can understand why this kind of a rule irks him so.