Q&A: Duce Staley on DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews

PHILADELPHIA -- The Philadelphia Eagles' assistant coaches were available to the media on Wednesday. This was the only chance during this offseason to get a sense of what they’re thinking and doing as Chip Kelly remakes the Eagles' roster.

Here are a few highlights from a session with running backs coach Duce Staley:

Question: What have you seen from new running backs DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews so far?

Staley: “They work hard -- a bunch of prideful guys. They leave it on the field. You know the pedigree that they bring. You’ve got a vet in each of them. You’ve got some younger guys in Raheem [Mostert] and Tuck [Matthew Tucker] that are still learning. They’re taking a lot from these guys. They’re doing good.”

Question: What was your reaction when you first heard that LeSean McCoy was being traded?

Staley: “My reaction? Of course, LeSean and I are close. You have to understand this is a business. He understands that. I understand that. Everybody that works on this level understands that. He moved on, with a better opportunity for him. He’ll take advantage of it.”

Question: How does DeMarco Murray fit into the Eagles' offense?

Staley: “He’s a perfect fit for us. Exactly what we want to do: Full-steam ahead, downhill, that’s what we’re preaching every day. One, two, three, four yards and a cloud of dust. All the backs we have, they’re able to do that. McCoy was able to do that, also.”

Question: You were part of a three-back setup with Correll Buckhalter and Brian Westbrook [in 2003]. Is this similar to that group?

Staley: “Yeah, it’s similar. When you go back and check the pedigree of these three [Murray, Mathews and Darren Sproles], these guys have all been proven. These guys have been successful throughout their careers. We brought them all here, one big pot of gumbo. I think we’re running the ball.”

Question: Will it be tough to keep them all involved?

Staley: “No. That’s my job. It is not. I was able to do it last year a little bit. You didn’t have those three dynamic guys, but it won’t be hard at all.”

Question: Have you learned anything about DeMarco Murray that you couldn’t see on film?

Staley: “His passion. His passion for the game. His leadership -- in the classroom, in the weight room, on the field -- is second to none. He’s driven by that. He’s driven by going out there and not making mistakes. He’s driven by showing other how he works. I’m excited to have him.”

Question: How are you enjoying being a coach after a few years of it?

Staley: “I love it. I’m still driven by passion. I catch myself sometimes, even out here in practice, trying to make a cut. Seeing these guys doing it -- these guys are awesome. Being able to play through them vicariously, it’s a great feeling for me.”