Sam Bradford impressed Bill Davis in 2010

Eagles defensive coordinator saw what Sam Bradford could do in Bradford's 2010 rookie debut. Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

PHILADELPHIA -- As Eagles fans prepare for their first chance to see quarterback Sam Bradford in a green helmet, defensive coordinator Bill Davis remembered the first time he saw Bradford live.

It was 2010, Bradford’s rookie season with the St. Louis Rams. His first game was against the Arizona Cardinals and Davis was Arizona’s defensive coordinator.

“I’m highly impressed with Sam,” Davis said Thursday. “I always have been. I’ve always known the skill set that man’s got.”

Davis remembered planning to test the young quarterback right away.

“I blitzed (safety) Adrian Wilson off the edge, probably 10 times,” Davis said. “Maybe 15. He kept hitting Sam and hitting Sam.

“It was in the third quarter, Adrian comes over to me and says, 'Billy D, we’re in for a long one. This boy’s not rattled. I keep hitting him with everything I have and he just won’t rattle. I can’t shake him.' We knew right then that Sam has the mental toughness and the throwing ability.”

Wilson sacked Bradford once and intercepted him twice. Calais Campbell sacked Bradford and was called for a penalty for roughing the passer. Bradford threw the ball 55 times in that game, completing 32 passes for 253 yards and a touchdown. He threw three interceptions as Arizona won, 17-13.

Bradford’s abilities are still on display.

“You’ve just got to watch practice,” Davis said. “He throws a real accurate, real pretty ball.”