Ex-Eagle LeSean McCoy, current Eagle DeMarco Murray have similar issues

PHILADELPHIA -- LeSean McCoy and DeMarco Murray appear to be two sides of the same coin.

They couldn’t be more different as people. McCoy is gregarious and always joking around in the locker room. Murray is softspoken and seldom in the locker room at all. McCoy is an improvisational runner who has drawn comparisons to Barry Sanders. Murray is more traditional and predictable, which is partly what drew Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly to him during the offseason.

But listening to McCoy talk about Kelly this week, it’s easy to see a common thread with Murray’s current situation.

"We have nothing to talk about,” McCoy told reporters in Buffalo Wednesday. “I'm with the Bills, he's with the Eagles. We never had a great relationship as friends. There's nothing really to talk about."

When the Bills played the Chiefs, McCoy warmly greeted former Eagles head coach Andy Reid. That won’t be happening Sunday. McCoy said he won’t shake Kelly’s hand.

“We don't really know each other that well," McCoy said.

So is it hard to imagine why Murray, frustrated with his role in the Eagles' offense, would turn to owner Jeff Lurie instead of Kelly? It’s not as if McCoy is alone here. Former Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin said earlier this year that Kelly would walk right past players in the hallway without saying anything.

If Murray has a similar relationship with Kelly, it’s not surprising he would feel more comfortable talking to the owner. Murray and Lurie got to know each other while the Eagles were wooing Murray during free agency. McCoy also said he looked forward to seeing Lurie before Sunday’s game.

Kelly said he met with Murray this week.

“I've had a meeting with DeMarco, yeah,” Kelly said. “He's frustrated because he didn't get the ball a lot on Sunday, which most running backs are frustrated from that aspect. But he's not frustrated that we beat the New England Patriots and we had a big win in New England.

“I think everybody is that way. Every receiver wants the ball; every running back wants the ball; every quarterback would like to throw every single time we have an opportunity. But the one thing I know about DeMarco, he's about winning.”

Kelly said that Murray “expressed disappointment to me before that. He wasn't happy with his amount of carries, and rightly so. I think everybody wants to carry the ball in every game.”