Three Eagles players raise fists during national anthem

From left, Steven Means, Malcolm Jenkins and Ron Brooks raised their right fists during the national anthem before Monday Night Football. Kiichiro Sato/AP

CHICAGO -- Three members of the Philadelphia Eagles -- safety Malcolm Jenkins, cornerback Ron Brooks and defensive end Steven Means -- stood side by side, each with one arm raised in the air during the national anthem prior to the Monday Night Football game between the Eagles and Bears.

Jenkins told the media this week that he planned to make a statement to further the conversation about social injustice as Colin Kaepernick and others around the league have done in recent weeks.

"There's no comfortable way to change anything," Jenkins said last week. "So if somebody gets upset, it's probably because they're not listening. That's why I think if you look at guys around the league and all the guys that have been protesting or demonstrating, if you listen, the message has been the same across the board no matter what they decide to do. And I thought I was very clear when I said it's not an anti-police thing -- in fact, the police are a key part of the solution in this issue across the nation. It has nothing to do with the military or the flag itself. We understand that people will get upset, and that's part of it -- that's what makes you guys put these cameras in my face, and that's what keeps this conversation going. Sometimes you've got to rock the boat to get a little bit of change.

"The end goal is to get some real change. And I know somebody kneeling or doing something is not just going to create change. But when you look at the issue, a lot of it is systematic, and if you want to change a system, that comes with lawmakers, elected officials, things of that sort. And so that's really just drawing attention to it, so your community pushes those things to the forefront, especially when you talk about elections and selecting presidents and who is going to do what. And when you start to talk about the changes that you want, you force those people in those positions to listen."