Eagles to Seahawks after Russell Wilson pick: You took our guy

PHILADELPHIA -- It's no secret the Philadelphia Eagles had eyes for quarterback Russell Wilson during the 2012 NFL draft.

They showed plenty of interest in him pre-draft and, according to former Eagles scout turned NFL analyst Daniel Jeremiah, Wilson used to send Jeremiah messages proclaiming: "If the Eagles draft me, I will lead the Eagles to championships."

The Eagles' plan was to use the 88th overall pick in the third round on Wilson, but Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll spoiled that by pulling the trigger on the QB with the 75th pick.

"I don't think John specifically thought the Eagles were any more of a threat than other teams -- I don't know that -- but I know that Andy [Reid] called us right after the pick, though, and gave John some trouble about it," Carroll said during a conference call with Philly media Wednesday. "They're old friends. But we were really sweating it out. We wanted him the whole way, and John had it figured obviously perfectly for us to get it done. There were a couple other teams that called in right after that, too. Andy was the first guy to call, though. We felt very fortunate."

What was Reid's message?

"He was just giving John a hard time for taking his guy. Kind of regular banter that happens during the draft," Carroll responded.

The Eagles ended up using that 88th pick on Nick Foles, who had an up-and-down stint in Philadelphia, was traded to the Rams for Sam Bradford and has since been reunited with Reid in Kansas City.

Wilson, meanwhile, has put together a 52-20-1 record as a starter while helping the Seahawks to a pair of Super Bowl appearances and a Lombardi Trophy.

Doug Pederson was the Eagles' quarterbacks coach in 2012 and was part of the evaluation process of Wilson.

"I went to Wisconsin, worked him out, spent a day up there with him. Came away just saying, ‘You know what? This guy is a special kid.’ He's got it," the Eagles head coach recalled. "He's a pro's pro. He knows how to work, he knows how to practice, he knows how to lead. The things that you see on the field are also the things he does off the field. He's a man of his word and integrity and all that kind of stuff. I came away feeling like, if we didn't have an opportunity to take him, somebody was going to have a special player."

It looks like everything may work out for the Eagles now that they have a promising young QB of their own in Carson Wentz. Carroll, for one, was complimentary.

"Everything," said Carroll, when asked what sticks out about Wentz on film. "He's a big, good-looking athlete. He runs well. He's got a terrific motion and release. He's just a natural thrower, he's got a big arm. He's made all of the throws in just this early part of his NFL career. He can [make] all of the throws on the move well, in the pocket well, is in command also and checking off. I think they're doing a really good job of how they're raising him and I think he's been a great story for you guys and he's going to be a great story for the future."