Doug Pederson on Nelson Agholor: 'It's not so much about football anymore'

PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson appears to be in the midst of a balancing act when it comes to wide receiver Nelson Agholor.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, he once again suggested a reduced role is a "real possibility" and did not commit to playing him Monday night against the Green Bay Packers.

"I've just got to see from his standpoint how he handles this week," Pederson said. "This will be a big week for him, how he handles it mentally, how he reacts with his teammates, how he reacts on the practice field with the things that have fallen in his lap. Just how well he responds. And can he handle a little adversity in his career?"

At the same time, Pederson is trying to limit the amount of adversity Agholor faces. After a pair of miscues Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks, Agholor acknowledged that he is dealing with a "mental battle" and has allowed the pressure to get to him of late.

"I don't want to expose him to anything that will hurt him there as an individual, as a human being," said Pederson. "Because I know this is also about life and about him as a person and it's not so much about football anymore. And I want to make sure that Nelson is right as a person and as a human being, so if it means lessening the load, then I'll lessen the load and try to take a little off his plate."

Pederson revealed to reporters that Agholor has seen a sports psychologist over the past couple weeks.

"We have a couple guys that we use. There's guys that we use," Pederson said. "Every team has them and I think it's good, whether they're going through stuff or not, to keep talking through some issues."

Pederson had a private conversation with Agholor this week and said he found the talk reassuring.

"He knows where he's at and he knows where I stand, and looking forward to getting out on the field this week and seeing where he's at," Pederson said.

The Eagles called up receiver Paul Turner from the practice squad earlier in the week. He could end up with a role Monday night, depending on how everything unfolds on the Agholor front.