Kelly 'never had one issue with DeSean'

Whether you believe it or not, the Philadelphia Eagles say that they released three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson for football reasons.

It wasn't personal.

"It has nothing to do with anything that was ever written in a newspaper article or any off-field behavior with him," Eagles coach Chip Kelly told CSNPhilly.com at the team's 18th annual Playground Build on Monday. "DeSean was great in the year that I had him. It was just a decision that we made as a team that a lot of teams make at that point in time."

Kelly was asked why the team waited so long to address the media in the aftermath of the controversial decision to cut Jackson, who had a career-high 1,332 yards receiving last season.

"Did I have a press conference when we released Jason Avant or Patrick Chung?" Kelly told CSNPhilly.com. "That's just not the way I am. I'm not gonna have a press conference when we release players from our organization. I've never felt that way."

Despite an NJ.com report linking Jackson to friends in gangs in California, the Eagles claim that never factored in their thought process. This was a simply a football decision, according to the Eagles.

"I've never had one issue with DeSean," Kelly told CSNPhilly.com. "I'll say that publicly. He never yelled at me. I never, never yelled at him on the practice field. I don't know where that came from."

Jackson ultimately signed with the NFC East rival Washington Redskins, but Kelly remains unfazed.

"We'll move away," Kelly told CSNPhilly.com. "We'll be all right. We factored that into our decision. We looked at everything when we made our decision."

When pushed for similar answers, general manager Howie Roseman echoed similar thoughts to CSNPhilly.com.

"Everything we do is in the best interests of our organization going forward and our football team," Roseman said. "It's about building our football team going forward. Obviously, we've got a lot of things coming up and going forward, and we've always talked about not just one year but building it for the long haul. So every decision we make is not only for present day -- obviously we want to compete and win right now -- but also building something and keeping something together. We made a football decision that we thought was in the best interests of the organization going forward."