Lito Sheppard moves to next career phase

Lito Sheppard once was a quality starting cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now he is trying to secure a coaching position.

Sheppard, a former first-round pick who intercepted 18 passes for the Eagles from 2003-08, is now serving as a coaching intern for the team.

“It’s more than just coaching the Xs and Os,” Sheppard told the Delaware County Daily Times. “Nowadays if you can relate to guys and get them to understand you’ve been where they’re at, you can get your points you’re trying to stress across a lot easier. As a player who’s been there and done that, the highest of the highs, I want to see some of these guys make it to the same level. It starts with fundamentals and technique.”

A two-time Pro Bowl performer, Sheppard closed his career with the Oakland Raiders in 2011.

Sheppard, 33, attended several Eagles games last season and is excited about the next phase of his career.

“They have a great program in place here and (coach Chip Kelly) pays attention to a lot of the small details that’s going to take these guys a long ways,” Sheppard told the Daily Times. “They will contend. I mean, it’s all a process and you don’t want to over-jump your boundaries, but you know it’s a process and steps that you have to take to get to certain places. First you start with your division and get that out of the way. From that point you work far into the playoffs. As a team, you know where you want to get to, but it is a process and you can’t skip over any steps in the process.”