Nick Foles: `I have to prove it'

PHILADELPHIA -- Nick Foles know what’s going wrong. He can see it on film, he can correct it throughout the week of practice.

And then, on Sundays, he goes out and throws another couple of interceptions. It’s a pattern that has persisted this season, and one the Eagles are trying to figure out how to end.

“You’ve got to show it to him on film,” coach Chip Kelly said. “The learning process for anybody is, `I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.’ You’ve got to see it on film to understand what’s going on. You’ve really got to put him through it. You go on the field and drill him in those situations where he can get a feel for how the pocket’s coming in on him.”

Foles acknowledged that it’s time for action rather than words.

“Every single day, I learn more and more about playing this position and playing in this league,” Foles said. “It’s easy when you’re doing great, easy when you’re throwing a lot of touchdowns and you’re not making any mistakes. But when mistakes happen, it’s going to be brought up. You can’t let it affect you, because when it starts affecting you, then you don’t throw it, you’re a split-second later.”

Foles’ first interception Sunday was typical. He seemed to be feeling pressure that wasn’t really upon him. He threw a ball for Josh Huff in the end zone. Huff looked open, but Antonio Cromartie was close enough to charge in and pick off the underthrown ball.

“It's a concern when we turn the ball over, certainly,” offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said. “What I'm finding with Nick is when he sets his feet and steps into the throws, he's awesome. What we're also finding is there are times when he gets flushed or he flushes himself and he doesn't have his feet underneath him, and he's not as good as he could be if they were, and I think that can be said for all quarterbacks.”

“A few plays, fundamentally I just missed it,” Foles said. “I think I just have to continue to work through practice and in the game, just trust it. Trust my footwork, trust the pocket. Just because I made a few mistakes, I’m not going to not throw it when I don’t have my feet under me. It’s decision-making where I really have to get better.”

That covers a lot of ground, and Foles knows it.

“I’m the decision-maker on offense,” Foles said. “I have the ball every single play. Yes, I have to do a better job. Word can’t describe it. I have to go out here and keep working. It doesn’t feel good at times. You have to keep working on fundamentals and on decision-making. I’m going to keep working, and I’m going to fix it.

“My words don’t mean anything. I have to go out here, and I have to prove it.”