With a prayer, Foles gave Eagles a chance

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – Nick Foles' first reaction when Michael Vick got hurt was to pray.

For Vick. For himself.

“First thing that ran through my mind when Mike got hurt is I prayed for him,” Foles said after coming off the bench to lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a 36-21 victory over the Giants.

“'Give him strength, God.' The first thing I did was say a prayer and say, 'Thank you, God, for letting me be out there and giving me the strength to go out there.' "

Foles said he wasn't thinking, then or after the game, about whether Vick's hamstring injury will give him an opportunity to prove himself as the starting quarterback.

“I'm not even thinking that way,” Foles said. “My job is to go in there when Mike was hurt and get a win.”

He did just that, leading the team on a hurry-up drive for a field at the end of the first half and then throwing two fourth-quarter touchdown passes.

The first, a beauty of a throw and catch by tight end Brent Celek, was the kind of trust-your-receiver throw that Vick has seemed reluctant to risk at times.

“They actually covered it decently,” Celek said. “I was just able to kind of get behind them and Nick made a great throw where only I could catch, which is what you need.”

The second touchdown was a 5-yard touch pass to DeSean Jackson, who made a brilliant fake to get wide open behind Prince Amukamara.

In between the field goal drive and the touchdowns was a less productive third quarter. The Eagles faltered a bit on offense and actually lost the lead to the Giants, 21-19.

“In situations like that,” Foles said, “you really just have to calm yourself and just, like I said, one play at a time. You know that if you keep building on those one plays, you're going to get some momentum. The team is going to feed off it.”

Running back LeSean McCoy said the players see it as having two starting quarterbacks. Coach Chip Kelly said that Vick will start in Tampa Sunday if he's healthy. But he also said there is always a competition at every position, and that the best players will play.

Foles is likely to practice with the first team early in the week, at least. If Vick cannot go, Foles would make his first regular-season start under Kelly.

“There are some things that I missed that I've got to get better at,” Foles said. “We're going to enjoy today, but move forward and just get better each and every day.”