Know the enemy: RB Jamaal Charles

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers have allowed just one 100-yard rusher in their last six games.

If they extend that streak to seven they will likely secure the win that puts them back in the playoffs.

That is how much running back Jamaal Charles means to the Kansas City Chiefs.

"You name it he does it -- run, catch, short-yardage, goal line, two-minute," Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith said. "We ask a lot of him and he puts in a lot of time [with his] work ethic and takes it all on and does a great job with it."

Indeed, Charles became the Chiefs' all-time leading rusher earlier this season (6,773 yards) and he is averaging 5.52 yards per carry for his career. The 5-11, 199-pounder has battled various injuries this season but that hasn't stopped Charles from scoring 14 touchdowns, tied for first in the NFL.

He is also fourth in the AFC with 950 rushing yards and has caught 33 passes for 235 yards and five touchdowns.

Here is what the Steelers are saying about Charles:

Linebacker Lawrence Timmons: "He runs great in between the tackles, catches the ball, has great contact balance. Definitely one of the most dangerous running backs in the league right now. With his speed he doesn't compare to any backs we've faced."

Outside linebacker Jason Worilds: "A lot of people who have his skill set can't get to the second level. He has the ability to get to the second level and that's when his ability really shines. He has some wiggle and he runs a lot harder than his size would suggest."

Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau: "Always have had a lot of respect for him. He's dangerous and they don't have to block everybody. If they can just hold [blocks] for a little bit, he gets a little crease [and] he can do the rest. He's got a bunch of touchdowns but that's pretty much a routine regular year for him. He's a great back."

Outside linebacker James Harrison: "He has good vision and he's fast as grease lighting. He can cut on a dime and he has the ability to go horizontal to vertical in just one step."