Steelers have the NFL's best uniform, according to ESPN rankings

The throwback stripes are still an acquired taste, but the Steelers' traditional uniforms still breed nostalgia in NFL uniform folklore.

The Steelers have the league's best uniform, according to ESPN uniform guru Paul Lukas.

Pittsburgh edged the Raiders, Packers and Bears, all teams that haven't overhauled their look and kept it simple (we're talking to you, San Francisco).

Here's Lukas on the Steelers:

"Aside from the switch from block numbers to italics (which many fans still gripe about, although it's been nearly 20 years now and we should all just get over it already), the Steelers have stayed the course. They still have their logo on only one side of the helmet, they still don't use helmet numbers during the preseason (you have to earn them by making the final roster cut), they still have that instantly recognizable sleeve striping (the Rolling Stones are even using it to promote their show at Heinz Field), and their gold pants still work equally well with either of their jerseys. And while some folks can't stand the bumblebee throwbacks, that design is actually a big hit here at Uni Watch HQ and helps vault the Steelers into the top spot in this year's Power Rankings. First rate."

My take: The Steelers' uniform resonates because people identify with it in different ways, or with different eras. Maybe they were children of the 1970s and remember the dominance. Maybe they associate the Steelers' yellow with winning. Or maybe they just like the color scheme. For whatever reason it works, though you could make a case for the Packers taking the top spot. Both uniforms are outstanding.