Catching ball dropped from 360 feet provided challenge for Antonio Brown

Sport Science: Brown's record catch (2:57)

Steelers WR Antonio Brown sets a world record by catching a football dropped from 360 feet in the air. (2:57)

Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown is used to catching footballs dropping from the sky, but not like what he experienced recently.

The All-Pro receiver and return specialist caught a football dropped from a drone at the height of 360 feet during an episode of ESPN’s Sports Science.

Sports Science creator and host John Brenkus said the feat broke the world record for catching a football dropped from the greatest height, but Guinness World Records was not on hand to verify the result.

“We did not contact Guinness, because that process takes a long time and this was pretty spur of the moment,” Brenkus said. “We did our research and found the highest height previously was around 300 feet, so we wanted to go way above that. We did our own due diligence. We found an object caught from a higher height, but not a football.”

Regardless of its official classification, Brown had fun with the challenge, especially dealing with the movement of the ball dropped from that height.

“Man, it moves all over,” Brown told ESPN.com after minicamp practice on Wednesday. “You really need to just pick a spot and hope it comes there. You have to judge it really well and keep your eye on it.”

Brown made the catch on the third try. The feat took place about a month ago at a Los Angeles high school.

He was unable to make the catch last year because the wind kept pushing the ball out of reach.

“It was really windy last year,” Brenkus said. “It was impossible to judge the ball. It was being pushed 10-15 yards in either direction, and he wasn’t able to do it.

“But he spent hours trying to do it, and Antonio had a great time, so we contacted him again and he said, ‘I’m coming back for sure.’ The second time around the wind wasn’t so bad. The ball had a much more consistent path.”

Sports Science calculated that a ball dropped from that height could travel over 80 mph, although this one didn’t reach that speed.

“It stung a little,” Brown said. “But not too bad.”

New York Giants Pro-Bowl receiver Odell Beckham Jr. set an official record in January when he made 33 one-handed catches on passes from Drew Brees on an ESPN set. A Guinness representative was on hand to certify the record.

ESPN.com’s Matt Williamson contributed to this report.