Joey Porter: Steelers' Bud Dupree 'overthinks some stuff' but shows positive signs

At least one ESPN analyst isn't too impressed by first-round outside linebacker Bud Dupree in preseason work, so this week seemed to be a good time to talk with Joey Porter, the one who drives a Lakers golf cart with his face on it and coaches outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Here's Porter's general take on Dupree's development:

"He's young. He overthinks some stuff. That's just being a young pass-rusher. He has plenty of time to get better at that. For all the abilities he has, it shouldn't take long for him to get where he's supposed to be. He can be whatever he wants to be. He can be a speed rusher. He can be a bull rusher. A guy with multiple moves. He's shown signs he can do it all. Once he figures out what fits him best, that's what he'll become."

Just because Dupree can be a player with multiple rush moves doesn't mean he should try to do that now. In fact, Dupree, like many rookies, is trying to do too much. Porter advises Dupree to "stick with one move and try to get that first."

"You can't go into a game [as a young player] with four or five different moves. You have to be good at something. They watch somebody else do it an they want to try it. You have to find out what he's good at first to be known for that. That's why I try to tell him, focus on one pass rush, get good at that, then you can add to your repertoire."

Dupree has gotten some first-team reps in practices, but don't be surprised if he needs time to find a larger role. The Steelers don't appear concerned -- they love his upside -- but they don't have to rush him into the lineup if Jarvis Jones takes ownership of one starting spot. Eventually, they will need Dupree to grow. If he's not ready for Week 1, the team can manage.