How Steelers WR Martavis Bryant gained 20 pounds by eating a lot of steak

PITTSBURGH -- If Martavis Bryant has his way this season, he will launch his own Steak n' Shake business.

Eat steak, shake off defenders.

The Pittsburgh Steelers receiver is a trendy fantasy option after an eight-touchdown rookie year, and to increase his chances to make tough catches in year two, he bulked up to around 225 pounds, which is about 20 pounds heavier than when he was drafted.

What was his secret?

"Steak," said Bryant, who stands 6-4. "Steak all the time."

Not steak for breakfast, but close enough. Bryant would have a protein shake and a steak after every workout, often twice a day, at least a pound of meat per setting.

He'd prepare them when back home with family in South Carolina or while in Pittsburgh for team activities. Ribeye and New York Strip are among the go-to options.

"I eat basically whatever I want and I don't gain much body fat, so it's pretty cool," the 6-foot-4 Bryant said.

Many people would like to have that "pretty cool" metabolism.