Steelers can only laugh at kicking situation, pray Chris Boswell is answer

This has to work.

No matter Chris Boswell's inexperience (zero NFL field goal attempts), or being released by the Texans and Giants, or whatever happened at his tryout that impressed the Steelers.

He has to make kicks. Nothing else matters. If the Steelers can't find security at this position once and for all, insanity is the last option.

Consider the comical last two months:

Aug. 9: Shaun Suisham tears his ACL against Minnesota in the Hall of Fame preseason game.

Aug. 11: Steelers sign veteran kicker Garrett Hartley.

Aug. 29: Hartley hurts his hamstring at Buffalo.

Aug. 31: Steelers start trade process for Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee, clearing way for Hartley to go on injured reserve.

Oct. 1: Snoop Dogg excoriates Scobee on a web video after the veteran missed two crucial kicks in a loss to Baltimore.

Oct. 3: Team signs Boswell, releases Scobee.

Any more additions to that list and Mike Tomlin will eat his headset on the sideline.

According to ESPN analyst Field Yates, this whole ordeal will cost the Steelers $6 million in kicker money this season. Those checks hurt to write.

And to think, do the Steelers truly know Boswell is the answer?

Scobee's leg betrayed him, but Boswell is less a certainty than Scobee was. They are betting on upside here. They know Boswell is about 6-foot-2 and 185 pounds with a big leg.

He can't miss two in a row. That's the new standard.

Good luck. A storied franchise with playoff hopes is counting on you.