Arthur Moats fined $8,681 for 'my bad' Manziel facemask

Turns out a painful facemask to a high-profile player was small change on the NFL scale.

The league fined Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker Arthur Moats $8,681 -- the minimum penalty -- for his facemask on Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel in the second quarter of Sunday's 30-9 win.

The penalty twisted the quarterback's body to his right and forced a helmetless Manziel to the sideline for a quick evaluation. Moats said the move was unintentional and he was simply swinging his arm for a sack while being held by right tackle Mitchell Schwartz. Moats took to twitter to apologize directly to Manziel, saying 'My bad on the facemask bro. No hard feelings," to which Manziel replied, "No hard feelings man just part of the game."

The Steelers are on a bye this week.