Antonio Brown's three-year stretch stacks up with NFL greats

Steelers wideout Antonio Brown has become a dark horse MVP candidate with 116 catches for 1,586 yards despite playing four games without Ben Roethlisberger.

This three-year stretch has been phenomenal for Brown, who has built trust with Roethlisberger that has the duo looking for each other every down.

"We want to make every play," Roethlisberger said this week on his 93.7 The Fan Pittsburgh radio appearance.

To understand Brown's place in history among the best receivers of the modern era, here's a look at comparable three-year stretches from the position's trailblazers (h/t to ESPN editor Lyle Crouse for the help).

Jerry Rice (1993-95): 332 catches, 4,850 yards, 14.6 yards per catch, 43 touchdowns, 101 yards per game

Randy Moss (1998-2000): 226 catches, 4,163 yards, 18.4 yards per catch, 43 touchdowns, 86.7 yards per game

Marvin Harrison (2000-02): 354 catches, 4,659 yards, 13.2 yards per catch, 40 touchdowns, 97.1 yards per game

Calvin Johnson (2011-13): 302 catches, 5,137 yards, 17.0 yards per catch, 33 touchdowns, 111.7 yards per game

Antonio Brown (2013-15): 355 catches, 4,783 yards, 13.5 yards per catch, 30 touchdowns, 104 yards per game

*Totals for Brown, Moss and Johnson each include one 14-game season, which for Brown will turn into 16 games with the final two games this year.

Those totals place Brown first in receptions with the chance for the No. 2 spot in yardage with a productive last two games.

Scoring is where he lags behind. Three of those five receivers scored 40 or more touchdowns during a three-year clip.

Despite the Steelers' yardage explosions the last two years, they've been average with red zone touchdown percentage, ranking in the mid-teens in each of the last two seasons. Perhaps that plays into Brown's total.

Brown doesn't dominate this group, but he clearly belongs. This is home for him.