Steelers have fun with Joey Porter, the 'MVP' for Pacman Jones spat

There has been some speculation on social media that Steelers assistant Joey Porter got a game ball for eliciting a response from Adam "Pacman" Jones that resulted in a 15-yard penalty late in the fourth quarter, giving the Steelers the chance to kick a 35-yard field goal to win 18-16 in their AFC wild-card game with Cincinnati.

The people I've talked to say they haven't heard that, but Steelers players definitely had some fun with Porter for coming onto the field after Antonio Brown's injury, which will likely earn the coach a fine. Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict delivered a vicious helmet shot on Brown with about 20 seconds left, prompting Porter to leave the sideline and talk trash with Jones.

Sources say teammates have been joking with Porter about his controversial role, praising him for helping them win and calling him "Jerry" Porter, since that's what Jones called him in a profanity-laced postgame video on social media. Porter just smiled at the comments from players.

One Steelers player told ESPN that Porter is "definitely the MVP" of the game.

Jones reportedly said during his video tirade: “You got f---ing Jerry Porter on the middle of the f---ing field talking s--- to everybody then when somebody say something to him he ain’t supposed to be on the f---ing field."

The Steelers are loose in the locker room, so there was little doubt they would have fun with this one. In an odd way, Porter helped them win, and they know it. The Steelers won with gamesmanship, inciting the Bengals, then letting them collect penalties.