DeAngelo Williams: Peyton Manning 'couldn't play dead in a Western' in 2015

DeAngelo Williams on Peyton: 'He was garbage last year' (2:38)

Steelers RB DeAngelo Williams joins Mike & Mike to explain why he believes he was completely in the right to tweet negative comments about Peyton Manning's career the same day that the two-time Super Bowl champion announced his retirement. (2:38)

Peyton Manning's retirement announcement has garnered widespread praise for a historic career.

That doesn't mean DeAngelo Williams is giving him a pass for his 2015 performance.

Williams, the outspoken Pittsburgh Steelers running back, saved some of his best open-field moves for Twitter on Monday, going back and forth with CBS Sports NFL reporter Pete Prisco and others about how bad Manning was last season. Manning threw 17 interceptions to nine touchdowns before the Broncos sidelined him for six games with a foot injury. Denver won the Super Bowl with Manning at quarterback, but a dominant defense catalyzed the championship run.

Williams said a lot, but this tweet encapsulates his stance:

This is pretty funny, and mostly true. Many would agree Manning is retiring because his body is telling him to retire. Throwing the ball farther than 25 yards was a major challenge for Manning last year. Williams is simply pointing that out.

Clearly Williams doesn't shy from social media backlash, which didn't stop him from taking a shot at Bill Belichick and the Patriots last month.