Mike Tomlin tells DeAngelo Williams to chill out on Peyton Manning bashing

Where DeAngelo Williams went wrong (1:39)

Ryan Clark details what DeAngelo Williams did wrong in tweeting negatively about Peyton Manning on the day he announced his retirement. (1:39)

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is not a subliminal-message guy. He's direct.

So it should be no surprise that Tomlin chin-checked his running back, DeAngelo Williams, with a blunt assessment of his banter over the quality of Peyton Manning’s play in 2015.

Basically, Tomlin told Williams to shut it down. Williams has been going back and forth with Twitter followers over Manning, tweeting that the future Hall of Famer 'couldn't play dead in a western' last season. Manning won his second Super Bowl with the defense-led Denver Broncos. His arm looked gone. Williams is right in noticing that.

Williams explained himself on ESPN's Mike & Mike. As Williams recalls, he began the Manning discussion Monday when responding to a tweet from CBS Sports' Pete Prisco about Manning. Williams said he told Prisco it's time for Manning to retire, not knowing Manning was retiring that specific day. Not that the date of Manning's announcement mattered much to Williams.

"I wasn't going to hold my tongue because he was retiring," Williams told Mike & Mike. "My thing is, what I try to get people to understand is just because a person is accomplished and has accolades don't mean you can't speak your mind about them because they have those accolades."

Williams doubled down on the show, saying Manning was "garbage" in 2015.

Considering Tomlin hadn't tweeted in about four months, though, Williams' persistence on the matter must have really caught his attention. The fact Tomlin responded openly also reminds this isn't a serious matter. It's doubtful Tomlin is truly unhappy with the situation. He's just telling Williams to take a few plays off. Williams has been bantering with followers for the last 24 hours over it. It's not that serious.

Around midnight ET, Williams responded to his coach over Twitter.

At least Williams is a colorful follow. I'll take that over clichés about determination and training selfies.