James Harrison on playing at 40, NFL drug tests at his mom's house

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison, 38, talked to the media for the first time since announcing his decision to play a 14th NFL season, which might not be his last.

Here are highlights of Harrison's talk:

On feeling great and his role in the defense: "I want to be used however they want to use me. ... I need another ring. That's the only number I care about."

On playing until he's 40: "If you ask me that now, yeah [I can]. But that's something I'll deal with. I don't know if I want to go that far, even though it's only a couple of years away."

On how he keeps himself fresh at age 38: "Luck. And prayer."

On playing high snap counts like he did in his prime: "How many was that? Like 90-something? I don't know about that. Maybe [I could play] 80-something."

On when he knew he'd come back: "Around the third week [of training] I knew I could do what's necessary."

On the NFL's odd drug-testing habits: "I like it. I think they need to do more of it. They are taking blood. They need to do all of that. They can test you up to 20-30 times in the offseason. I just find it funny, the timing. I was at my Hall of Fame induction at college, they came there. They came to my mom's house. They'll come wherever you're at.

On his hesitancy to let his son play tackle football: "He wants to start playing tackle. To be honest, I'm not comfortable with it unless I can be there every day. I want him to learn it properly. I don't want him to go to a program where they've just got the kids doing Oklahoma drills and stuff like that that has them banging their heads for no reason."

What he really wants from his two sons: "Bring me home straight A's."