Joe Greene's words remind Antonio Brown still has trust to earn back

Brown has to repair relationship with Steelers family (1:40)

Jeremy Fowler assigns special weight to Joe Greene's words on Antonio Brown. (1:40)

Teammates forgave Antonio Brown. His head coach scathed him publicly but eventually moved on. The organization rewarded him with a $68 million extension last month.

Reconciling with a prideful Pittsburgh Steelers family? That will take some time.

Joe Greene's words about Brown's Facebook Live incident shouldn't be discounted as another headline-grab from a former player. They carry weight. While Brown's decision to broadcast the locker room seems trivial more than two months later, the deed temporarily ripped the fabric in a Steelers standard guys like Greene help set and fiercely protect.

As one of two Steelers with his jersey retired by the franchise, Greene's place in franchise lore is cemented. This isn't Bernie Kosar or Joe Namath lobbing missives. Disrupting a locker room sounds very personal to Greene.

"When you sign on with the Steelers, you're signing on with an organization that you gotta put your job, as [former coach] Chuck [Noll] always told us, there was God, family and football," Greene said. "And when you start to put yourself above all of that, then the selfishness comes into place, then you get individual acts like the ones then that I personally think is a detriment to the entire organization and what we're trying to do in Pittsburgh."

Talk of the NFL's locker room sanctity can be overcooked, but Greene can sell this message because of the Steelers' history of thriving in this culture, so much that breaking an unwritten rule is perceived by some as a fireable offense.

To be sure, Brown embodies much of what Greene describes. He's the classic gym rat, outworking his peers to overcome sixth-round status. He's well-liked and respected in the locker room. He's never been in legal trouble. He calls God. He loves his kids. And he was truly contrite after the incident. But his constant social media postings were bound to burn him eventually, leaving him vulnerable to public shots about selfishness that are hard to shake.

Brown producing on the field will never be a question. Word is that Brown has intensified his offseason workout routine more than ever, eager to validate that contract and pay back the Steelers.

In time, perhaps the comments about his makeup will dissipate.

There's trust to earn back first.