No Steelers dare try James Harrison's insane 675-pound hip exercise

In page No. 1,431 of the James Harrison feats of strength file, the Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker decided, hey, it's the offseason, let's put 14 45-pound plates onto a 45-pound bar and lift them with the midsection.

A quick backstory: This is an exercise the Steelers routinely do, including this week as part of offseason workouts. But players laughed at whether they attempted a weight limit even close to Harrison's 675 pounds. Nor would trainers want them to try.

Explosion 💥💥💥 shoot the hips thru. Shoot thru the tackle not to the tackle!

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"He's one of a kind," one player said.

"He's the only one putting the whole world on the bars," another Steeler said.

Harrison is one of the founding fathers of the NFL's get-swoll-on-social-media club, but this latest clip might be his masterpiece. He does the exercise in the name of explosion and shooting "through the tackle not to the tackle."

A legitimate question: How does Harrison stand up after finishing his set? The weights are just sitting there.