Don't sleep on Steelers WR Justin Brown

LATROBE, Pa. – Justin Brown wanted to see how one of the best wide receivers in the NFL trains, so he spent a couple of weeks in between the end of offseason practices and the start of training camp working out with Pittsburgh Steelers teammate Antonio Brown.

To hear Antonio Brown tell it, he worked over the wide receiver with the same surname.

“He fell asleep a couple of days [after working out],” Brown said. “Ask him about it.”

Justin Brown said Antonio Brown might have embellished a little bit.

“It was pretty hard, but I didn’t pass out,” Justin Brown said. “Everyone involved in those workouts was at some point laying on their back.”

What is no exaggeration is how maniacal Antonio Brown is about training, which is one reason why the two-time Pro Bowl receiver has ascended to the top of his profession after watching 194 players get drafted ahead of him in 2010.

Included in their daily regimen were sled pushes, sprints, pass-catching drills, running ladders while wearing weighted vests and lifting weights.

The training that preceded the Steelers’ arrival at camp is another reason why it would not be wise to sleep on Justin Brown.

A 2013 sixth-round pick, he shined during the offseason practices and he has seemingly caught everything thrown his way at camp. Brown, who spent all of last season on the practice squad, would add some size to a smallish group of wide receivers, and the 6-3, 209-pound former Oklahoma Sooners receiver has impressed the leader of the position with his approach.

“I think he’s really motivated and hungry about getting an opportunity to play,” Antonio Brown said.

Justin Brown is much more confident this year after feeling his way through training camp last year, similar to trying to find a light switch in a dark room.

“Just knowing more has allowed me to play faster,” Brown said. “It still comes down to going out and making plays and that’s what I’ve got to do.”