The guy who could get rich off FGCU

Ricky Jay Fredricks now holds one of the most insane sports betting slips of all time. He has a $10 ticket that would return $10,000 if Florida Gulf Coast wins its next two tournament games to clinch its region.

Fredricks, who says he works as a casino host for a major Las Vegas hotel, doesn't claim to be a basketball savant. He just got lucky.

"I really wish I had a cool story to tell," Fredericks said.

Fredricks, who describes himself as a big sports fan and casual bettor, said his roommate owed him $5, so instead of giving him cash, he did it Vegas style by placing a $10 bet with the two splitting the possible proceeds.

"My roommate placed a bunch of bets, and this is just the one he randomly gave me," Fredricks said. "I don't think he intended for them to actually win. He has a much larger bet on Florida [FGCU's opponent on Friday] to win the championship, as well as a large wager on the field bet."

Jeff Sherman, the assistant manager for the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Superbook where the bet was placed, confirmed that the ticket provided by Fredericks to ESPN.com was the the one 1000-to-1 long-shot ticket it sold on FGCU.

"It's a fun sweat for good friends," Fredricks said. "Five thousand for five dollars. Would be a nice return on investment."

Fredricks said he doesn't have much confidence in Florida Gulf Coast knocking off the Gators on Friday, but will definitely be cheering on the Eagles.