Florida school takes lead in wacky uniforms

The new uniforms at Atlantic High School in Delray Beach, Fla. Palm Beach Post

A Florida high school has just upped the ante in the uniform-design arms race.

The high school is Atlantic High in Delray Beach, and its new football uniform is a thing of two-tone, uh, beauty.

In the words of Matt Porter, who broke the story about the new uni for the Palm Beach Post, the design "makes it look like the player was dipped in kryptonite." Nicely put.

The design, which was created by a local firm called FuturisticWoo, draws on some familiar elements. The wings on the shoulders are similar to what Oregon has worn for the past few years, and the two-tone effect recalls the orange-sleeve jerseys and undershirts that several Nike-outfitted schools wore in 2005.

But two-tone pants, socks, and shoes -- that's a new one. At least they left the crotch area one color instead of splitting it down the middle.

So now the bar has been raised (or lowered, if you prefer to view it that way). How will Oregon and Maryland respond to this shot across the bow?

Better get crackin', Nike and Under Armour -- you're at risk of being out-wackied!