Glass eyes: putting the 'fan' in 'fanatical'

Used to be you could show how big a fan you were by painting your face in your favorite team's colors. But then fans started upping the ante by getting tattoos of team logos. After all, if you really love your team, you should be willing to bleed for it, right?

But now tattoos are passé. The hot new thing in fanatical team devotion is -- get this -- glass eyes.

That's the inescapable conclusion after hearing the news that a Kentucky Wildcats fan who recently lost his eye in an accident has gotten a "UK" logo glass eye. He now joins a club that includes this Tennessee Vols fan and this Kansas City Chiefs fan. Like they always say, two's a coincidence, three's a trend.

Of course, getting a glass eye is a little trickier than getting a tattoo. But hey, if you're a serious fan, sacrificing half of your vision is a small price to pay, am I right?