Blazers, Nuggets latest to reveal alternates

The Trail Blazers' new alternates will be worn during the season opener. Portland Trailblazers

Don't look now, but the NBA season starts in four weeks, so new uniform unveilings are coming fast and furious. As you've probably heard already, the Nets showcased their new design Friday by having Jay-Z wear it onstage, but two other teams have taken a more traditional approach to revealing their new alternate uniforms.

Let's start in Portland, where the Blazers have introduced a new alternate uni, which will be worn for the team's season opener on Oct. 31 and about nine more times throughout the course of the season. It features two particularly noteworthy elements: First, the team's signature diagonal stripes have been leveled off a bit and tapered. It's different, but it's not bad. Will this striping style eventually spread to the rest of the team's uniforms? Seems plausible.

The second interesting thing here is the inclusion of the team's pinwheel logo on the front of the jersey. Feels unnecessary, no? When you toss in the "Portland" lettering, the uni number and the striping, the overall effect is a little too busy.

Speaking of busy, check out the new alternate uniforms that the Nuggets have just unveiled. It's one thing to bring back the team's old skyline rainbow design; it's another to do so while also borrowing the barber pole pattern from Marquette's shorts. That seems like a bit much. We'll have plenty of opportunities to assess this design because the Nuggets plan to wear this uni for 18 home games, beginning with the home opener on Nov. 6.