Fandom analyzes best-selling NBA jerseys

Fans -- and their credit cards -- made their voices heard by making Derrick Rose and Jeremy Lin the top-selling jerseys since last April at the NBA Store and NBAstore.com.

Here’s our quick rundown after a check of the cash registers:

1. Derrick Rose. Bulls fans, how much more would you pay for a game-worn Rose NBA jersey? Act now, because he has a VERY limited supply of game-worn jerseys from this season.

2. Jeremy Lin. Expect Lin to occupy the top spot next year, once NBA marketing figures out a way to sell them to people who don’t want them -- as opposed to this year, when his sales were solely supported by fans who genuinely loved the guy.

3. Kobe Bryant. Since 2001, there have been six years when Kobe held the No. 1 spot. Now we have proof that he can only sell jerseys when Phil Jackson is around to take fans’ measurements.

4. LeBron James. No one wants a Chris Bosh jersey?

5. Carmelo Anthony. His jersey sales must have taken a hit because of the Jeremy Lin effect. As in, even he must have bought a Lin jersey.

6. Dwyane Wade. No one wants an Eddy Curry jersey?

7. Dirk Nowitzki. We don’t want to know how many Mark Cuban bought just to stockpile in his garage.

8. Kevin Durant. Hmmm. Maybe all his fans are saving their money to buy his London Olympics jersey.

9. Blake Griffin. We don’t want to know how many Donald Sterling bought just to have stockpiled in his garage. Actually, that would be zero.

10. Rajon Rondo. You’d think everyone in Boston already owned one by now. Apparently, you can never have too many layers during a New England winter.

11. Amare Stoudemire. See No. 5.

12. Ray Allen and 13. Paul Pierce. See No. 10.

14. Dwight Howard. People who own a Dwight Howard jersey say they wouldn’t trade it for ... oh, OK, you can have it.

15. Chris Paul. Imagine how many Paul jerseys would have moved if they had said “Lakers” on the front.

Perhaps the biggest surprise about the list? The NBA missed a huge opportunity by not figuring out a way to sell Tim Tebow jerseys.