Army and Navy unveil uniforms for rivalry

Navy's rivalry game uni, shown with the undershirt, is meant to evoke its white dress uniform. United States Naval Academy

Schools all over the nation have been dressing their football teams in uniforms with camouflage and other military-inspired details this month. But what about the actual military academies, such as Army and Navy? They've just unveiled the uniforms for their annual matchup, which will take place Dec. 8. Let's take a look-see.

We'll start with Army. The Black Knights will be living up to their name for this year's interservice rivalry game, as they'll be dressed in solid black. And is that a camouflage pattern on the uni numbers and undersleeves? Nope -- it's a map detail from the Battle of the Bulge. Pretty clever, and so much better than the default camo that everyone else is using. The map pattern also shows up on the helmet stripe.

As for the Midshipmen, they're going with a fairly conventional uni design, except for that helmet, which has an unusual gold stripe. It's all supposed to mimic the Navy's white dress uniform, although the gold stripe seems like a reach. On the plus side, the signal flags on the back of the helmet spell out "Beat Army" -- a nice touch.